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Fruit Smoothie Bar
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Members and non-members welcome! Our smoothies are fully designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Our smoothies also
serve as a delicious treat for those craving something sweet. Feel free to stop by or call in an order during our operational hours and our staff
will gladly make any flavor and additive combination that you desire.

1. Choose your smoothie:

2. Choose your flavor or flavor combination:

       ~Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Banana, Pina-Colada, Vanilla, Chocolate

                 Pure Protein Smoothie:                                 Slim & Tone Smoothie:                                      Power Shake Smoothie:

    Fuel your body with 100% whey protein            Lower calorie protein smoothie with added             Nutritionally advanced smoothie with 
    & all the essential amino acids required            fiber designed to slim & tone                                   protein, vitamins, minerals, & other 
    for good health                                                                                                                                   nutrients your body needs. This
                                                                                          16oz $3.50    24oz $4.50                             smoothie is designed to replace a meal. 
                16oz $3.25    24oz $4.25                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                         16oz $3.50    24oz $4.50            

                 Fat Burner Smoothie:                              Energizer Smoothie:                                   Muscle Builder Smoothie:

       A Power Shake smoothie infused with            A Power Shake smoothie infused with a                  Pack on quality pounds with the loads
     all natural fat attacking supplements               serious kick of energy                                               of protein & carbs found in our Muscle

                16oz $3.75    24oz $4.75                                   
16oz $3.75    24oz $4.75
16oz $3.75    24oz $4.75

                    Power Greens Smoothie:                                Plain Fruit Smoothie:

      A Power Shake smoothie infused with a            Freshly frozen fruit blended to perfection
      full serving of vegetables including kale,            with a touch of non-fat yogurt.
      broccoli, & wheat grass.
                                                                                           16oz $3.00    24oz $3.75
                16oz $3.75    24oz $4.75